Creationist Ken Ham Spent 20 Minutes Whining About An Atheist Attorney’s Trip to Ark Encounter April 16, 2017

Creationist Ken Ham Spent 20 Minutes Whining About An Atheist Attorney’s Trip to Ark Encounter

A couple of weeks ago, Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Andrew Seidel visited Ken Ham‘s Ark Encounter and filmed a commercial of sorts saying how his group would challenge any public school that tried to take field trips to the religious attraction. He also filmed scenes inside the Ark, with very few people in the background. Must have been a slow middle-of-the-day for them.


It looks like Ham finally saw the video, because he talked about it during a recent Answers in Genesis staff meeting, telling employees about “how misinformation and outright lies are being spread by this atheist group [FFRF], one that aggressively opposes Christianity.”

In a nutshell, Ham thinks just about everything Andrew says is a lie, including criticism of the number of people at the park. But, just as Donald Trump raises eyebrows by not releasing his tax returns, Ham won’t reveal the official attendance numbers to confirm what he’s saying. He also denies getting any sort of money from taxpayers even though the tax rebate they’re getting is money that would otherwise go directly to the state.

At one point, he accuses FFRF of hypocrisy: They won’t hire Christians, but they’re mad at us for asking all employees to sign statements of faith! Actually, FFRF doesn’t ask anyone to sign a statement of non-faith; employees just have to be able to support the church/state separation work they do since they’ll be doing it. Answers in Genesis, on the other hand, is getting taxpayer dollars for their attractions, all the more reason their discrimination is a such a problem.

It’s amusing to see Ken Ham accusing his critics of propaganda and lies. Whatever you accuse him of, he’ll just throw back at you. (We’re not science?! YOU’RE not science!) All the while, his beliefs have virtually no backing from scientists who work in the field, and get published, and have any sort of credibility in their discipline. He honestly thinks Christians like him are discriminated against in this country, all while standing inside a multi-million dollar attraction that he got the government to help pay for.

Maybe next time, Andrew should make a video saying Answers in Genesis is an organization that does vital work to educate Americans. Ham won’t know what to do with it.

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