Kenyan Tavern Owner Tells Atheist Group He Will Not Play Host To a “Godless Easter Party” April 14, 2017

Kenyan Tavern Owner Tells Atheist Group He Will Not Play Host To a “Godless Easter Party”

The group Atheists in Kenya reserved space at Jiweke Tavern, a local haunt, for their Godless Easter Party. But after word spread that they were atheists — I don’t know what gave it away — the restaurant owner rescinded the reservation and told them they weren’t welcome there.


The Jiweke Tavern owner told the Star on Thursday that they respect the Easter weekend and will not host the party.

“We respect the reason for Easter; it is about Jesus. We are therefore not hosting the Godless party and have no association with the event or the individual [who shared the poster],” said Dorcas Njoro.

Atheist group leader Harrison Mumia said 20 people had already RSVPed to the event, but they have since made arrangements elsewhere. That doesn’t mean they can’t criticize the bigotry.

They are saying they are Christians but we find this discriminatory. We chose the restaurant because it has a good reputation,” said the AIK chairman.

Mumia added that the restaurant choice was made in good faith and ill thoughts should not surround their event.

“We just wanted to have fun. We want them to understand that atheists are also human beings,” he said.

This isn’t the first time the group has been treated this way. Just last November, the government blocked them from making donations to a children’s home.

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