Mr. Deity Reviews The Case For Christ (Spoiler: He’s Not a Fan) April 13, 2017

Mr. Deity Reviews The Case For Christ (Spoiler: He’s Not a Fan)

We’ve already pointed out on this site why The Case for Christ falls squarely in the tradition of Christian films that look great but won’t have much of an impact beyond the evangelical bubble.

Now, Mr. Deity has released his own analysis of the movie and it’s worth checking out. If nothing else, listen to the part about how the Harvard-trained lawyer and former Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel rests his entire case on what only one side of the argument has to say. If he were still a reporter, this story would’ve been nixed before any halfway-decent editor allowed it to be published.


The movie’s done moderately well so far, taking in over $4 million on a budget that’s surely much lower than that, but that number doesn’t suggest much penetration outside the traditional Christian market.

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