Gordon Klingenschmitt: Singer Katy Perry, Who Left Christianity, Is “Ruled By Satan” April 11, 2017

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Singer Katy Perry, Who Left Christianity, Is “Ruled By Satan”

A few weeks ago, singer Katy Perry gave a powerful speech at a Human Rights Campaign gala in which she talked about her Christian upbringing. She told the story of how she left her bigoted upbringing and came to embrace diversity and LGBT people to the point where she was singing pop songs about how she kissed a girl and liked it.


Leave it to former Colorado State Rep. and Christian talk show host Gordon Klingenschmitt to give us the analysis we’ve all been waiting for. Perry didn’t become enlightened, he argued. She was just taken over by the devil.

“If you had been sincere in your prayers at the Jesus camps, you would have prayed against sin and the devil,” Klingenschmitt said on a recent episode of his “Pray In Jesus Name” program. “You would have repented of your sin and invited Jesus to rule your heart. But apparently that’s not what you prayed.”

After declaring that that Perry is now “ruled by Satan,” Klingenschmitt offered her some helpful advice: “Katy Perry, you don’t just need more of your Jesus camps, more of the Bible, more of what your parents told you; you need to get the devil out of you.

As many former Christians will tell you, when they went to Jesus Camp or Sunday School or church services, they were fully committed. They could speak in tongues, they heard God’s voice, and they genuinely thought they could pray the gay away. It wasn’t until much later that they realized there were rational explanations for why those things seemed so real.

Katy Perry, like so many other people in her position, left Christianity because when they thought about the beliefs critically, they came to the conclusion that they made no sense at all.

You don’t need the devil for that. Logic and reason are more than enough.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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