Alberta Catholic School Criticized After Guest Speaker Compares Abortions to the Holocaust April 11, 2017

Alberta Catholic School Criticized After Guest Speaker Compares Abortions to the Holocaust

It’s bad enough that École Secondaire Notre Dame High School in Red Deer, Alberta had an anti-abortion speaker make a presentation to students in a mandatory religion class.

It got even worse when the video she showed made references to Hitler, as if those who support abortion are like Nazis killing Jews.

But at least one student had the sensibility to videotape the presentation from start to finish.


At about the 1:20-minute mark, the video references the Auschwitz death camp and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s “scheme by which severely disabled children could be murdered.”

“Then once the war began,” the video’s subtitles read, “this killing was extended to disabled adults as well (and then to all ‘unwanted’ persons).”

That’s from the video, but the actual presentation wasn’t any better.

“Let’s just say that a woman does get raped and she does get pregnant and she bravely and courageously decides to have that child,” she can be heard telling the class. “She’s making the choice to have that child. Later on down the road, after she has a healthy baby boy, she can’t stand to look at him because he reminds her of her rapist. He acts as a trigger. Would we say it’s OK to kill her baby boy then?”

“So, why are we saying that it is OK for her to kill that same baby boy when he’s just younger and more dependent inside of her womb?

It’s the same logic that thinks every sperm is sacred. There’s no “younger” baby boy in the womb. It’s a fetus that hasn’t developed. There’s a difference. That’s why miscarriages aren’t considered murders.

The point is that this presenter used the same sort of misinformation and emotional rhetoric we’re used to hearing from the anti-choice side to convince students that abortion is some sort of sin.

Yes, this is a Catholic school, but that doesn’t mean students want to be treated like idiots by a presenter who apparently knows less about the topic than they do.

The student who recorded the demonstration asked to remain anonymous but said: “I just want facts, not opinion.”

“I just want accurate information from an expert and both sides presented.”

Because of that student, the school district says it will “tighten up its procedures for when outside agencies make presentations to students.” That might mean nothing, but it’s a start.

Once again, conservatives have been made to look like fools by their own words and propaganda. No one has to take their words out of context to make them look bad. They do this to themselves all the time. But what other choice do they have when the facts simply aren’t on their side?

(Thanks to Karen for the link)

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