Iowa Atheist Group Donates $1,000 Worth of Science Equipment to Local Middle School April 8, 2017

Iowa Atheist Group Donates $1,000 Worth of Science Equipment to Local Middle School

The Humanists of Linn County (in Iowa) just made a $1,000 donation to Roosevelt Middle School in Cedar Rapids to help them purchase science equipment for students:


“We tell them how much money we want to spend and then they basically make up a list their wish list and give it to us so they get exactly what they are looking for,” says [Humanist group president Rocky] Gissler.

That list includes electric motors, magnets, molecule model sets, programmable legos and a stream table that can teach the principles of flooding and erosion.

It’s not even their first time making a donation like this, and they’re doing all they can to make sure it’s not their last.

The group made a similar donation to McKinley middle school last year and after another success they plan to establish an annual endowment fund to increase their impact.

A lot of local atheist groups have no money whatsoever. They’re not always organized enough to have a budget (much less cash to spare). That this group found a way to help their community — with no strings attached, I might add — is incredible and an idea worth replicating elsewhere.

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