After Deadly Thunderstorm, Christian Mistakes Broken Power Pole as Sign from God April 6, 2017

After Deadly Thunderstorm, Christian Mistakes Broken Power Pole as Sign from God

A nasty storm hit Atlanta yesterday — it’s so terrible that five people have died throughout the South so far — but don’t worry! God wants everyone to know that things will be okay.


That would be FOX 5 Atlanta saying:

A Greene County viewer finds a little bit of hope among the ruin left behind by severe storms Wednesday.

That would be a broken piece of a power pole, not a Christian cross.

But what’s with the absurd logic that God loves us because he wrecked something in the shape of a “T”? It’s the same bizarre symbolism that Christians found after 9/11 when they said the tower debris created a cross in the ground therefore God loves us.

Hats off to commenter Todd Thompson for stating the obvious:


Yea, power poles do tend to be shaped like crosses. You see them everywhere … lol. Now let’s put this into perspective. How many lives were destroyed from the storm? How many people died? How many people lost their homes? If you want to call this a symbol of god then this must be gods gang sign. Death card letting everyone know who did this. This doesn’t give hope. It would just reflect how much of a monster god is. It’s better to see it for what it really is. Just the top of a power line pole.

Other commenters weren’t pleased with that one… but he’s right. If that pseudo-cross is a “sign” from God, so is the damage and destruction and death He’s causing. You can’t have one without the other. Either God’s responsible for these things or He’s not.

And shame on Fox 5 news for perpetuating this nonsense. Delusional people don’t need confirmation that they’re seeing something that’s not there.

(Thanks to Runa for the link)

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