Woman Faces Up To 14 Years in Prison After Circumcising Her Four-Year-Old Son By Herself April 3, 2017

Woman Faces Up To 14 Years in Prison After Circumcising Her Four-Year-Old Son By Herself

Last March, a woman from Eritrea who now lives in Israel performed a circumcision on her four-year-old son. She used none of the traditional tools, and there were no medical experts nearby when it happened.

She now faces up to 14 years in prison.


How on earth could anyone defend this?

Her lawyer, Moshe Serogovich, argued that no law regulates the work of mohels, who normally perform circumcisions, and A acted “according to her cultural heritage”, as reported by Haaretz.

“For us, a man with a beard and kippa says a few blessings and performs the bris for an 8-day-old baby, and that seems to be the most natural thing in the world to us,” he said.

That’s fucking horrifying.

Serogovich is sincerely arguing that there are no laws concerning how you tear off your child’s foreskin and it’s tradition, therefore anything goes! By that logic, domestic abuse is perfectly fine as long as it’s part of the culture and the law doesn’t say not to do it.

That’s not an argument for allowing her method of circumcision. That’s an argument for prohibiting the practice completely.

But just in case you want to hear another disgusting defense of this mother’s genital mutilation of her child, have at it:

According to the indictment, “The defendant held the complainant in her hands and instructed him to sit in silence,” and “The defendant did not respond to the complainant’s crying and appeals, and continued to cut his skin in the upper part of the sexual organ.” A’s lawyer said this description could be applied to any circumcision.

Again, that’s all the more reason to ban circumcisions, not let her get away with this one.

Imagine what would happen if the court rules in her favor. It would set the stage for more mothers with no medical knowledge to butcher their boys’ genitalia.

And you thought it was bad enough when your mother tried saving money by cutting your hair…

This mother shouldn’t be allowed to get away with a barbaric practice just because it’s normal in her culture. A civilized society should have the good sense to ban procedures that harm others without their consent.

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