Bryan Fischer: “LGBTs Stole the Rainbow From God. It’s His. He Invented It… Give It Back” April 2, 2017

Bryan Fischer: “LGBTs Stole the Rainbow From God. It’s His. He Invented It… Give It Back”

Remember: It’s not April Fool’s Day anymore. But Religious Right leader Bryan Fischer is still at it.


Right… because now that the gays stole rainbows, no one sees rainbows anymore.

Those Bible verses he points to, by the way, are all about how God created rainbows right after he committed an act of genocide. Gotta love those Christian values.

And besides appropriating the phrase “cultural appropriation,” couldn’t Fischer use this argument for just about anything?

Feminists stole their pussyhat design from God. It’s his. He invented it. Gen. 2:22-23. Give it back.

Fischer’s not alone with his contempt for LGBT people over the rainbow theft. Creationist Ken Ham was so angry, he lit up Ark Encounter in the colors of the rainbow to make a point. I’m not sure what that point was… but I’m sure he feels better about himself now.

In any case, I doubt the people who use the rainbow to represent love and tolerance and inclusion are about to “give it back” to conservative Christians who want to use it as a sickle to chop down LGBT rights.

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