Sometimes, Speaking Christianese Can Go Too Far April 1, 2017

Sometimes, Speaking Christianese Can Go Too Far

There are examples of “Christianese” we’ve all heard before, like when believers say they “felt led” to do something. But this report from PRI on the in-group language includes examples I didn’t even know existed…

Scariest example? “God, we want to cover Austin [Texas] with your blood.” Yeesh.


In this episode, Alina Simone chats with Christianese users, the editor of an online Christianese dictionary and linguistic anthropologist Sarah Leiter who has studied this “religiolect.” She also hears from critics of Christianese who argue that it’s pretentious and sometimes misrepresents Biblical teaching.

You can read several other phrases and definitions at the Dictionary of Christianese.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Anu for the link)

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