IN School Board Rejects $50,000 Donation Requiring Them To Paint #BlessTheWorld on Football Field March 31, 2017

IN School Board Rejects $50,000 Donation Requiring Them To Paint #BlessTheWorld on Football Field

A group of anonymous donors recently tried to give the Greenfield-Central School District in Indiana a gift of $50,000 to help them pay for new turf on the Greenfield Central High School football field.

There was just one catch: They had to paint the following logo on the field:


The board, believe it or not, did the right thing. They chose not to vote on it at last month’s meeting because they knew it might lead to legal problems… and just like that, the donors rescinded their offer.

Superintendent Harold Olin received a letter from the donor group Tuesday. It states:

The intent of sponsoring the turf field project was to give back to the community and to encourage others to do the same by having our sponsorship represented by the logo, #blesstheworld. The group views this as a positive message that includes everyone. It promotes giving back, making a difference and helping others through acts of kindness. However, there have been some concerns expressed about the logo causing the school system potential problems. The group does not wish for this to become something polarizing, negative or problematic, so, the group is withdrawing our request to be sponsors. We would like to thank Greenfield-Central schools for their consideration.

The mere act of thinking about the donation was enough for the donors to say, “Well, if you’re not going to say yes immediately, you don’t deserve our money.”

The best part is that no atheists had to get involved. The belief that atheists might sue the board was enough to do the trick. That’s why those other lawsuits are so vital — they send a strong message to other districts to avoid the same mistakes. In this case, the board respected the law and didn’t take the religious bait.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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