An Atheist Attorney Filmed a Commercial At (a Very Empty) Ark Encounter March 28, 2017

An Atheist Attorney Filmed a Commercial At (a Very Empty) Ark Encounter

Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Andrew Seidel visited Ken Ham‘s Ark Encounter recently, and he used the opportunity to comment on what was inside… as well as film a commercial for his organization.

He spoke about how they weren’t going to let public schools take field trips to the Ark, or harm science education in our public schools, without a legal challenge.


“If the Religious Right remains unchecked, science based-education will be history and this Ark will become the classroom of the future,” said FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel, who led the excursion. “Now, more than ever, we need to fight all efforts to replace the study of evolution and climate change with creationism.”

“This Ark is really a Trojan Horse, emblematic of the Religious Right’s efforts to push our kids into creationist schools,” said Seidel. “FFRF is fighting to prevent these dangerous abuses of power, and keep religion out of public schools.”

My favorite part of the video may be how he managed to get footage with a virtually empty background. It’s not like this was a closed set. There was just no one there.


He even shot a separate video from the front entrance and inside the cafeteria. You can practically hear the crickets.

An estimated 450 people visited the Ark on that weekday. Remember that daily attendance estimates promoted by Ken Ham himself were around 5,500 people. I guess they know math as well as they know science.

In case you’re wondering if filming inside the Ark is legal, it is. (As long as you don’t film the copyrighted videos they play on some TV screens.)

Save yourself the more-than-$40 per ticket and just watch these videos. You’re not missing anything.

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