This Free App Lets You Know When Atheist Groups Are Gathering in Your Community March 23, 2017

This Free App Lets You Know When Atheist Groups Are Gathering in Your Community

The United Coalition of Reason, which is best known for paying for and putting up pro-atheism billboards around the country, has released a free mobile app to help people find non-theistic events in their communities.


The app is designed to help people worldwide connect with others of similar interests, and find local organizations that support their point of view.

The first function of the mobile app, for Android and iOS phones, automatically draws updates from thousands of secular calendar web pages, without the burden of data entry. Users can swiftly email calendar events to themselves or to a friend, get more information about groups hosting events, and add an event to their smart phone calendar.

The app is in its early stages, but I downloaded it yesterday and found it easy to navigate. The more people who use it, and the more group leaders who keep their calendars updated, the more useful it’ll be.

While the calendars are currently taken from websites like Meetup and affiliates of national organizations, I’m told that the landing page will soon include an email address so local group leaders can add their calendars to the list as well.

For now, you can get it by searching for UnitedCoR in the App store or using the links on this page.

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