Christian Extremist Says Conservative Tomi Lahren Should Be Executed for Defending Abortion Rights March 21, 2017

Christian Extremist Says Conservative Tomi Lahren Should Be Executed for Defending Abortion Rights

In a bizarre turn of events for conservatives who criticize liberals for being unable to hear alternative controversial viewpoints, Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze suspended commentator Tomi Lahren for saying she supports abortion rights.

Lahren didn’t endorse abortion so much as say she wants the government to leave those decisions to individuals, but it was enough to be punished by her conservative overlords. (Don’t put her on a pedestal, though. She’s full of contradictions and her other views are abhorrent.)

Extremist activist Theodore Shoebat apparently felt that wasn’t enough. From what I can only assume are the depths of his parents’ basement, Shoebat argued that Lahren deserves to be executed.


His argument was that abortion disproportionately kills black babies, so being pro-choice makes you racist while supporting Planned Parenthood means you endorse genocide.

“This woman, Tomi Lahren, is a frickin’ little Nazi,” Shoebat said. “They’re all a bunch of sick-ass Nazi bastards. And this Tomi Lahren woman, let me tell you something, in an ideal society, saying this evil that she has said, it would be worthy of her being arrested, tried and executed.

Shoebat also called Beck a member of a “racist cult called Mormonism.” It’s the kind of Christian love we’ve all come to expect from extremists.

It’s amazing how a guy who champions himself a defender of the unborn has no problem calling for the death of an adult. He’s only pro-life to the point of birth. After that, he flips the switch.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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