This Video of a Rabbi, a Priest, and an Atheist Smoking Weed and Discussing Faith is Delightful March 16, 2017

This Video of a Rabbi, a Priest, and an Atheist Smoking Weed and Discussing Faith is Delightful

Cut Video brought together a rabbi, a priest, and an atheist to smoke some weed and talk about God. (I was almost as excited to see them find two religious leaders willing to smoke on camera as I was that they featured a conservative gay black atheist.)

It became a love fest in the best possible way as they discovered their shared values while having a damn good time together.


I especially enjoyed these profound statements from the atheist:

It’s kinda cool. I’m smoking with some priests. And a rabbi. Check off my bucket list.

Every religion has something coming out of the sky. Like, what’s the obsession with the sky?!

God made dirt. Dirt don’t hurt. God made weed. Weed don’t make you bleed.

I assume that last one was just a saying, not his actual beliefs, though the atheist said at a different point that no one can “deny that someone brilliant did this,” referring to the universe. He just didn’t think it was God.

Does that sound like a contradiction? Well, he’s a conservative, gay, black atheist. The man is full of contradictions.

In any case, I guess the moral, if we’re looking for one, is that we need to chill the fuck out and try to get along. If those guys can do it, so can everyone else.

And that’s how Congress can fix health care. QED.

(Also, don’t call it dope.)

Actually, I would add one caveat to all that: The weed isn’t the reason these guys got along and had this conversation. They all seem like decent people willing to share their thoughts and have a conversation about a topic that matters to all of them — the marijuana was just the vehicle to get you to watch it.

They could’ve taken the weed out of the video, and I still would’ve enjoyed listening to them. That’s the real takeaway here. You don’t need drugs to come together like this. You just need willing participants.

Maybe next time, they can get an imam and an evangelical to join in. Somehow.

In case you’re curious, this video is part of a series run by this channel. Be sure to check out grandmas smoking weed for the first time.

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