Donald Trump, King of Vulgarities, Bemoans Lack of Press Civility March 13, 2017

Donald Trump, King of Vulgarities, Bemoans Lack of Press Civility

That President Donald Trump is a man known for vitriol and vulgarity is not news. His track record on the campaign trail and in office demonstrates a penchant for vicious attacks often so untethered from reality that it can be dizzying to watch play out. To be fair, even prior to his political gambit, Trump never showed much interest in reality, but his latest tweet showcases that in hilarious fashion.


Sent out this morning on both his personal and presidential Twitter accounts, it’s unclear what recent events Trump might be speaking about. Is it the media’s vigorous questioning of the patently unaffordable replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act? Their skepticism over allowing the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office to evaluate the replacement plan? Their lambasting of the reticence to investigate the Trump administration’s ties to Russia in the face of mounting evidence? Their incredulity over the recent blatant espousal of white nationalism by a relatively prominent Republican?


(King followed up on that Tweet in a CNN interview this morning by saying, “I’d like to see an America that’s just so homogenous that we look a lot the same.”)

To be clear, none of the above constitutes vulgarity or rudeness. It’s journalists doing their job. And in an era where we have a Secretary of Education who wants religion back in school, an Attorney General who thinks religious tests for immigrants are no big deal, and Republican majorities in Congress who think their faith outweighs a woman’s right to choose, a vigilant media is utterly crucial if we want the public aware and resisting. Those of us who value critical thinking and honesty certainly appreciate it.

Keep on complaining, Donny Boy. The rest of us will keep laughing while remaining grateful for a free press… for as long as it exists.

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