Religious Right Activist: Evolution is a Hoax Because Only God Could Make a Skunk’s Farts Stink March 10, 2017

Religious Right Activist: Evolution is a Hoax Because Only God Could Make a Skunk’s Farts Stink

I know, I know, we already posted about Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire today, but if he doesn’t stop saying crazy things, what do you want from me?!

On his “Pass The Salt Live” show yesterday, Daubenmire explained how evolution (at least the evolution of species) was a hoax. But if he’s right, then why do creatures that scientists say are closely related have so many of the same traits? Don’t worry. He has an answer for that. (It begins at the 41:59 mark.)


You know why there’s what appears to be common traits across species? God used the same dirt. He used the same dirt when he created everything, so therefore, the dust, in some way, kinda all look the same… It’s like when your mom is baking a cake, it’s got sugar in it, it’s got flour, it’s got all kinds of stuff. Looks the same! And until your mom cooks it, you don’t know what it tastes like because you don’t know what’s the different ingredient that you put in it!

I said, that’s microevolution. I believe that! I love cake! But in making that cake, she used the same materials. Eggs. She just put some different things in there and then she added something else, and I don’t know if you know this or not, see… you will never make a cake without water! The only way you can make a cake is you have to add water. No matter what your ingredients are, you have to add water. And the only way that you can create a different species — or a different tasting cake — is to add something into it that had never been into it before!

And so you’re gonna tell me that you took a skunk, and you made a skunk, which is like a cat… and you’re telling me that you added something into it that made its farts stink? You added something into it? Where did that come from? You can’t add something you don’t have!

The only way a change within any organism can come is if you introduce new information or new ingredients into that mix. That’s the only way you can change it.

Hey guys, their faith, their religion, is so weak! It’s so weak! And it’s welcome in our public schools…

Umm… there are ways to introduce genetic changes into an organism. They’re called mutations. Mutations, time, and natural selection are a powerful combination. This is all material you’d learn in the first weeks of any biology class. Daubenmire has clearly never enrolled in one of those.

Maybe we should be more worried about how bringing up cake causes Daubenmire to think about skunks. Remind me never to attend one of his birthday parties. Also, we know how they evolved their nasty odor.

Maybe if Daubenmire dared to read another book every once in a while, he’d learn these things.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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