Iowa Legislator Who Backed Anti-Science Bill Is Blocking Critics Online (But We Have Screenshots) March 10, 2017

Iowa Legislator Who Backed Anti-Science Bill Is Blocking Critics Online (But We Have Screenshots)

Iowa State Rep. Skyler Wheeler won’t stop demonstrating his ignorance and cowardice.

The legislator who co-sponsored a now-dead bill that would have forced science teachers to include “opposing points of view or beliefs” on subjects like evolution and global warming, is waging an all-out war against people trying to educate him on the subject.

He’s quoting Creationists, deleting commenters who question him on Facebook, and calling out the very people he represents for daring to challenge him.

Just look at these screenshots from his Facebook page — some of the comments from critics have since been deleted.




Is there any way to talk reason into someone who handles criticism by sticking his fingers into his ears?

As a commenter pointed out yesterday, you’d think a guy who cares so much about two sides being presented equally would be willing to hear an opposing point of view. But Wheeler doesn’t. He’s a coward who knows nothing about the subject of his legislation.

His entire goal seems to be making the students of Iowa as ignorant about science as he is.

An then, just to top it all off yesterday, he posted his joy at striking own legislation that “would have raised the state’s minimum wage to what looks like $11.75 an hour by 2020.”

That’s the Republican Party for you: They know nothing, they want poor people to suffer even more, and they have all the power in the world to drag everyone into their swamp. If Wheeler’s actions don’t epitomize the bankrupt ideals of the GOP, I don’t know what does.

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