Iowa Legislator Who Sponsored Anti-Science Bill Is Parading His Ignorance of Evolution on Facebook March 9, 2017

Iowa Legislator Who Sponsored Anti-Science Bill Is Parading His Ignorance of Evolution on Facebook

Iowa State Rep. Skyler Wheeler, the legislator who co-sponsored a now-dead bill that would have forced science teachers to include “opposing points of view or beliefs” on subjects like evolution and global warming, isn’t done defending his pathetic bill.


Wheeler had already told a concerned citizen via email that the bill was needed since “evolution and climate change specifically are just theories.”

But yesterday, the graduate of Pat Robertson‘s Regent University went on Facebook yesterday to expand on that response.

I recently filed HF 480 which would require teachers, if they teach on evolution, the origins of life, global warming/climate change, human cloning and the like, they must also present the opposing points of view. This is only fair because evolution and climate change specifically are ONLY theories (or as the atheists harassing me put it, are “scientific” theories) and should not be taught as fact. Our students deserve to know both sides to these subjects. This bill will help encourage logical analysis, critical thinking and open and objective discussions on these issues.

To the evolutionists/atheists losing their minds over this, who still can’t answer simple questions like when life began and how they can believe nothing created something, if your theories are as solid as you say they are, why would you be worried about this passing? Shouldn’t this reveal even more so to students that your theories are fact?

I offer a different thought. You are losing your minds because you KNOW that if the two sides are presented equally, people won’t buy into what you have been selling for years. You can’t answer when life begins. You can’t answer how nothing created something. You can’t answer why there are little to no transitional fossils. You can’t prove that man is to blame for supposed “climate change.” You don’t want people to know that the inventor of the MRI was himself a young-earth Creationist (and, yes, the MRI didn’t just pop into existence, it was intelligently designed).

Instead, these people resort to name calling and articles like the one below.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of emails and messages I’ve received mocking God. It’s downright repulsive.

And, this bill is not “Antiscience” it should be called the Iowa Science Education Act.

In short, Wheeler is still ignorant of what evolution is (and what it isn’t). He also doesn’t understand the scientific meaning of “theory.” And he doesn’t understand that transitional fossils are everywhere. And that the existence of smart Creationists doesn’t mean Creationism is true. And that the concern isn’t a fear of equal time to competing theories but rather wasting time on religious myths that have no basis in science.

Wheeler is precisely the sort of politician who shouldn’t be making decisions about education. He thinks he’s qualified to tell science teachers what to do when he probably needs to open up the Bible before tying his shoes.

According to one resident who contacted me, Wheeler is actively deleting comments and banning commenters who are criticizing his post.

He has the maturity level of a five-year-old, which is what you’d expect from someone who thought going to Pat Robertson’s school was a wise educational decision.

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