This Catholic School Has a Long List of Rules for Girls to Follow So They’re Not Slutty at Prom March 8, 2017

This Catholic School Has a Long List of Rules for Girls to Follow So They’re Not Slutty at Prom

Apparently, the prom theme at Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford, Illinois will be “Let’s Slut-Shame All the Ladies.” Because that’s the message you’d get after reading the 21-page slideshow regarding what students can and cannot wear at the big dance on May 6.

Let’s go over the rules for the gentlemen. They’re pretty straightforward.


Young men are expected to wear formal evening attire that would include a tuxedo, suit with a tie, or sport coat and slacks with a tie.

Simple enough, right? Wear a tux or a suit. Look like every guy who ever attends Prom.

Enough of that. Now let’s go over the rules for the girls.

This will take a while…














In short: Don’t show off any part of your body even if that’s what makes you feel beautiful or that’s what your body looks like.

Girls who break the rules will be kicked out of Prom, no questions asked.

So what’s with the detailed rules? According to one commenter at the Rockford Register Star who claims to be a senior at the school, “at our prom dress code meeting, the girls were informed that this dress code was implemented to ‘protect the boys.'”

Because if they see cleavage and decide to harass one of the girls, it’s all her fault.

To be sure, this is a Catholic school that has every right to set its own rules, including a dress code for Prom. That’s not the issue. Public schools do that, too. The problem here is that they have a long list of rules for girls to follow — some of which completely ignore how girls with larger chests or taller figures are going to have a more difficult time finding dresses that fit all the criteria — while the guys can essentially get away with anything.

The rules are also unnecessarily specific. Slits in a dress can’t be “higher than three inches from the knee”? What happens if a student’s slit is four inches above? The gap on two-piece dresses has to be less than two inches? What if the gap is 2.5 inches? Are they going to break out the tape measures? What if her navel is inadvertently exposed while dancing? What defines “excessively tight”?

Perhaps the worst line in the rules is this one:

Some girls may wear the same dress, but due to body types, one dress may be acceptable while the other is not.

That’s literally telling a girl she can’t wear a dress because of how her body looks.

Maybe next year, they’ll just go all the way, tell the girls to wear a burqa, and be done with it.

(Thanks to Jaynee and Richard for the link)

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