Christian School Bus Driver Lovingly Teaches Seven-Year-Old To Hate His Two Moms March 8, 2017

Christian School Bus Driver Lovingly Teaches Seven-Year-Old To Hate His Two Moms

School bus drivers have two jobs. One, to drive kids to and from school. Two, to make sure no kids kill each other on the way. However, Violeta Jacobo, a school bus driver in Polk County, Florida, also seems to believe it is her job to tell kids they’ll burn in hell for all eternity for accepting their lesbian mothers.


According to parent Natalie Encarnacion, her son missed his usual bus and was taken home in another bus, driven by Jacobo. That’s when the trouble began.

“He mentioned [to the bus driver] he was hoping his two mom’s wouldn’t be upset that he was home so late,” Encarnacion said. “She said ‘whoa God doesn’t like that,’ then she went on and on telling him how he wouldn’t make it into heaven and there is a such thing as hell.”

Since then, Encarnacion says that, as a result of his encounter with Jacobo, he is now rebelling against his mothers’ relationship and has tried to tell them they shouldn’t be together. “It has put hate in his heart,” she told reporters.

Now, most likely, her son will get over this and it will be an incredibly awkward story for future Thanksgiving dinners. But we really need to question why this woman still has a job.

According to Encarnacion, she contacted the school board and never heard back. When News Channel 8 contacted them, a spokesperson said they are reviewing the matter and have told Jacobo that she has to follow the ethical code of conduct.

Take a moment and imagine if her statements to Encarnacion’s son had been of a non-Christian nature and were unrelated to his parents being lesbians. If she had just said, “Hey kid, you need to reject your parents, or else you will be set on fire and tortured.” Or if she had imposed her beliefs on a child in another way — for instance, telling hemophiliac children they’d go to hell for getting blood transfusions. I don’t think she’d be driving a school bus anymore.

Her comments would likely be viewed as a threat and Jacobo would be considered a danger to children. The fact that saying something like this is a being viewed as a mere violation of an ethical code of conduct rather than a completely psychotic thing to say to a child is astounding.

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