This 12-Year-Old Girl Offers a Powerful Defense of Sex Education, Birth Control, and Feminism March 7, 2017

This 12-Year-Old Girl Offers a Powerful Defense of Sex Education, Birth Control, and Feminism

At a recent meeting of the Tri-State Freethinkers, 12-year-old Kelly Helton gave a short, powerful speech calling out the ignorance of conservative legislators.


I do not understand why we are still arguing over women’s rights.

Birth control is one of the best ways to prevent poverty and pregnancy.

Most of the sex education in the Tri-State area doesn’t even mention birth control options when we’re talking about ways to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs. Teaching us the facts about sex does not cause us to have sex earlier. Why do people think that educating us is harmful?

Women will never be truly free unless we have control over our own bodies. Abortion needs to remain safe and legal. I will not allow a church to dictate my healthcare choices.

When I grow up, why should I get paid less for the same job that my brother does, when I clearly work harder than he does? Why should women of color get paid even less than me?

I do not understand why people want to defund planned parenthood.

I do not understand why schools won’t teach comprehensive sex education

I do not understand why people can’t have free access to birth control.

I do not understand why women are not treated equal to men.

Or maybe the problem is: I do understand these issues.

Maybe the real problem is: my legislators do not understand these issues.

I didn’t realize it was possible to give a standing ovation over the internet, but it’s happening.

If Kelly sounds familiar, by the way, that may be because this isn’t the first time she’s spoken out against perceived injustices. In November, she talked about how she got her public school choir to stop singing overtly religious music. She also got students in her class to remain seated for the Pledge of Allegiance because of the words “Under God.”

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