Fox News’ Todd Starnes: Obama Audited Billy Graham, So It’s Possible He Wiretapped Donald Trump March 7, 2017

Fox News’ Todd Starnes: Obama Audited Billy Graham, So It’s Possible He Wiretapped Donald Trump

Fox News’ Todd Starnes has a brand new Christian Persecution Conspiracy Theory.

He’s trying to justify Donald Trump‘s belief that President Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower, despite there being no evidence for it, so he’s reaching back to 2013 when the IRS looked at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. As if those two things go together.


At the time, the non-profit BGEA, run by anti-gay evangelist Franklin Graham (Billy Graham’s son), had bought newspaper ads in 2012 urging voters to back an amendment against marriage equality. That’s perfectly legal. However, they also bought ads telling Christians to vote for candidates who opposed gay marriage and supported Israel. That’s perilously close to crossing the line, since non-profits aren’t allowed to endorse candidates if they want to maintain their tax exemptions.

So the IRS took a look at the organization — on its own, by the way, not because Obama told them to — and concluded that the BGEA didn’t do anything wrong. Their tax exemption was still valid.

And yet Starnes is now using that incident as evidence that Obama probably wiretapped Trump’s phones. Because #ChristianLogic.

The BGEA’s only crime against Obama was to urge voters to back candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles. They also supported an effort to support traditional marriage in the state of North Carolina.

I believe the government used the power of the IRS to silence dissent and punish those who refused to comply.

They targeted Billy Graham, America’s pastor. Just let that sink in, folks.

So if the Obama administration went after Billy Graham, it’s not out of the realm of possibility they wiretapped Donald Trump.

Obama didn’t go after Billy Graham.

The IRS merely looked at a non-profit that may have broken the rules… and said it didn’t.

Not that Starnes ever let evidence get in the way of his conspiracies.

Is it possible that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower? Is it possible that government workers loyal to the previous president have been leaking sensitive information to the media? Is it possible there is an active plot to take down the Trump presidency?

Is it possible that Starnes makes things up because the facts routinely go against the false narrative he’s trying to promote?

Is it possible that he’s so desperate for attention that he’ll say anything to get clicks?

Is it possible he’s wrong again and will never apologize for being an embarrassment to journalists everywhere?

Yes. Yes it is.

And that’s why Charisma, the Christian news outlet with no journalistic credibility, is reprinting Starnes’ bullshit without question. As long as you suggest there’s a conspiracy against Christians, they’ll print anything you send them.

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