Quebec Hospital Restores Crucifix After Complaints; Now Patients Can See a Dead Man Before Surgery March 3, 2017

Quebec Hospital Restores Crucifix After Complaints; Now Patients Can See a Dead Man Before Surgery

A once-Catholic-but-now-secular hospital in Quebec removed, then put back, a large cross between two elevators in Saint-Sacrement Hospital after people went batshit crazy about it.


A temporary plaque was also added to explain the religious heritage of the building and the fact that hospitals in the province are now secular institutions. A permanent plaque will be put up in the next few months.

“Health-care facilities in Quebec have been secular for many years,” reads the plaque, written in French.

“This crucifix recalls the importance of the contribution of the religious communities to the construction of this hospital.”

Saint-Sacrement said it had received at least 600 phone calls about the decision to remove the religious symbol, which was prompted by a single complaint. A petition opposing the removal was signed by thousands of people.

Must be nice to live in a country where this is the big health care debate…

There is precedent for what the hospital did. In fact, there’s a cross atop Mount Royal and in the legislature — both are considered historical relics of a more religious time, not endorsements of the faith.

If there are merely symbols, then so be it. My concern is that these symbols are allowed to remain in place because government officials are willing to let Christianity get away with things no other religion ever can. That said, the patients are better off in a secular hospital with a Catholic symbol than a Catholic hospital that doesn’t provide a full range of services.

It’s just unbelievable that removing this particular cross got so many people worked up, as if it had any bearing on the care patients were receiving.

Now, just before they go in for surgery, patients will be able to see a dead man with bloody appendages. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to everyone for the link)

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