Why is a Taxpayer-Funded Bridge at Villanova University Promoting Christianity? March 2, 2017

Why is a Taxpayer-Funded Bridge at Villanova University Promoting Christianity?

Villanova University students will soon be able to cross a busy street using a pedestrian bridge, after Radnor Township officials approved it as part of a $285 million expansion project. The walkway will be paid for, then, by both the university and local taxpayers, even though it’s on the Catholic school’s campus.

That’s not necessarily a problem since the public uses that area as well. But things get more complicated when you realize there will be Christian crosses on the bridge itself.


One local resident who opposed the crosses said the problem was that they were facing the drivers and that turning them inward, to the students, would be acceptable. But that doesn’t resolve the church/state issue here.

Why should local taxpayers be on the hook for a bridge that promotes Christianity? If Villanova was footing the entire bill, fine. But local taxpayers shouldn’t be wasting their money on some homage to Christ.

Even Commissioner Luke Clark seemed to imply there was a problem while saying something very different:

“The design looks great. The crosses are going to go up there. Is it right or wrong? I don’t know. But at the end of the day it is on their property. They are a religious institution and the law for the most part is in their favor,” said Clark.

“For the most part”… which is basically him saying, “Sure, the law is against us. But we passed this proposal, anyway, so what are all of you going to do about it?”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been notified. So Clark’s bluff may be called soon.

(Screenshot via CBS 3. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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