NFL Star Kordell Stewart Sues “I’m Not Gay No More” Man for Millions Over Affair Allegations February 26, 2017

NFL Star Kordell Stewart Sues “I’m Not Gay No More” Man for Millions Over Affair Allegations

Back in 2014, at the Church of God in Christ’s 107th Holy Convocation in Memphis, a young man announced to the entire congregation that he was free from homosexuality with the memorable words, “I’m not gay no more!”

After Pastor Earl Carter asked the man, Andrew Caldwell, what brought him to church, Caldwell just let loose:

CALDWELL: To get delivered more!

CARTER: To get delivered. Do you believe that the Lord tonight has set you free?

CALDWELL: Yes sir.

CARTER: Turn around and tell those people! Tell ’em!

CALDWELL: I’m not gay no more! I am delivered! I don’t like mens no more! I said I like women! Women, women, women [speaking in tongues]. I said women! I’m not gay! I would not date a man! I would not carry a purse! I would not put on makeup! I will, I will love a women!

We’ll just set aside for now the fact that you can’t just shake off your sexual orientation by asking Jesus for help…

After that video went viral, Caldwell attempted to make money off of it, to no avail. The church sued him for releasing musical remixes of what he said.

Caldwell didn’t stop there, though. In 2015, he told a radio host that he had hooked up with NFL star Kordell Stewart and that Stewart had bought him purses and expensive cars. Stewart, who was married to a woman, denied the allegations. Caldwell later apologized and recanted what he said.

But Stewart now says that’s not enough. The accusation of being in a gay relationship still affects him, he says, and he’s now suing Caldwell for $4.5 million.

Stewart denied the allegations and in his suit stated, ‘at all times during his life, Mr. Stewart has been, and is, a heterosexual male.’

The suit, filed in Georgia, calls the allegations, ‘false and defamatory.’

He’s suing for loss of earnings, emotional distress and impairment to his reputation.

Stewart’s suit explains that before the allegations, he was known as the star quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers but now he will be plagued with illegitimate questions about his sexuality ‘personally and professionally in a sports industry that has made homosexuality an unenviable, controversial and taboo topic.’

He also says that he had to turn down several public appearances during the ‘saga’ and declined offers to host, speak or participate in various events that cost him in excess of $875,000 to $1 million.

For what it’s worth, Stewart’s ex-wife, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams, suggested in 2013 that his sexuality was a factor in why they broke up.

This is one of those odd cases where the facts are almost irrelevant. It doesn’t affect me one bit who Stewart sleeps with, and it’s a sad critique of society that Stewart says the mere suggestion that he’s gay hurt him this much.

That said, even if he wins the case, I have no clue where Caldwell is going to get $4.5 million from. I guess he’ll have to sell those remixes again.

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