White Evangelicals Are the Only Group Whose Support of a Muslim Ban Has Gone Up Since Last May February 25, 2017

White Evangelicals Are the Only Group Whose Support of a Muslim Ban Has Gone Up Since Last May

Just on grounds of compassion and common sense, you’d think people would be aware of how Donald Trump‘s temporary Muslim ban is bad for the country, bad for our national security, and bad for the innocent people affected by the Executive Orders (both the old one and the one scheduled to arrive soon).

And that certainly seems to be the case according to a survey released yesterday by the Public Religion Research Institute. Compared to May of last year, just about every religious group is less likely today to support the ban. They’re learning!

In fact, only one group goes in the opposite direction: white evangelical Christians. They’re sticking their fingers in their ears as people explain why the ban makes for awful policy and clinging to their belief that America needs to be closed off to people who don’t believe as they do..


So much for helping people who are struggling.

It’s also worth noting that white evangelicals are also, as usual, on the other side of the issue from young Americans overall:

Opposition to a temporary Muslim travel ban is much higher among young adults than older Americans. Eight in ten (80%) young adults oppose a temporary Muslim travel ban, compared to a slim majority (53%) of seniors. Only 20% of young adults support this policy.

Evangelicals may have the power right now, but young people are once again learning that you can’t look to the Christian church for guidance, goodness, or morality. On the simplest moral issues of our time, evangelicals are failures. I hope that this support of a ban on immigration, much like their stance on marriage equality and LGBT rights, comes back to bite them in the ass.

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