Christian Hate-Pastor: “The Biggest Problem With India Today is Hinduism” February 25, 2017

Christian Hate-Pastor: “The Biggest Problem With India Today is Hinduism”

It won’t surprise you that Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson thinks Hinduism is the biggest problem with India today (followed closely by Islam).

But things got weird when he offered a solution to the nation’s poverty problem.


… people like Gandhi and Mother Teresa, oh, they’re “helping the poor,” but you know what the best thing you could do… the best thing you could do to help poor people is to teach them the Bible.

Silly me. I thought poor people in India would prefer food and shelter… but what the hell do I know?

Anderson’s argument is that he’s “never seen the righteous forsaken,” but a book of mythology is cold comfort for people whose physical needs outweigh their desire to escape from reality through a book of fantasy.

Somehow, Anderson must be unaware that states in the Bible Belt tend to rank lower in terms of health, education, and income.

But at least they have their Bibles, right?

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