Christian School Fires Football Coach for Once Holding (But Not Drinking From) a Bottle of Alcohol February 24, 2017

Christian School Fires Football Coach for Once Holding (But Not Drinking From) a Bottle of Alcohol

Private Christian schools have every right to hire and fire whomever they want. But when they fire someone for idiotic, hypocritical reasons, it’s worth bringing some attention to it.

Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove, Georgia was all set to hire former NFL player Fernando Bryant as a football coach and physical education teacher. They interviewed both him and his wife Amber. They spoke with them about the Bravo show Mother Funders which Amber once appeared on. They announced Bryant’s hire to the press. They knew he was a Christian, and Bryant had even signed the school’s statement of faith.

20 days later, however, he was fired.

“This letter will confirm that Strong Rock Christian School has made a decision not to move forward with your employment in the position of head coach of the football team and physical education teacher. As we discussed, after we made the offer to you, some within our parent community raised concerns regarding your family’s public presence on social media and the internet and questioned whether the postings and information were consistent with our Christian values. We’re sorry that our relationship had to end before it started. We wish you the best,” the letter stated.

What did he do that was such a violation of the school’s rules?

Apparently, three years ago, the Bryants posed for a picture in which Fernando was holding a bottle of alcohol. Literally just holding it. He didn’t even drink it, he said. It was for a promotion.


“We’re kind of shot in the foot for a post that has a closed bottle of alcohol that was for promotion,” Amber Bryant said. “It makes no sense to me.”

Even if he was drinking it, though, what would be the problem? The contract he signed asks for employees to refrain from alcohol, and there’s no proof he drinks anymore, if he ever did.


More to the point, why is this the breaking point? Does the school scour the personal histories of every single employee to test for purity in all ways? Has no one on staff ever done anything Christians consider wrong?

If churches kicked out every member who committed a sin, the pews would be empty.

But apparently, merely holding a bottle of alcohol three years ago is a firing offense. Administrators wouldn’t want to forgive him for his non-crime now, would they? Then people might mistake them for the Christians they pretend to be.

Bryant dodged a bullet. This school sounds batshit crazy. Let’s hope he can find a job at a school that appreciates what he brings to the table rather than punishes him for holding a bottle in the past.

(Thanks to Keith for the link)

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