A CA Elected Official’s Slight Change to the Pledge of Allegiance is Driving Some People Crazy February 17, 2017

A CA Elected Official’s Slight Change to the Pledge of Allegiance is Driving Some People Crazy

When they recite the Pledge of Allegiance at Solano County Board of Supervisors meetings in northern California, supervisor Monica Brown adds a single word at the end of the ritual:


Brown adds ‘someday’ after reciting “liberty and justice for all,” at the end of the pledge.”

Each board of supervisors meeting begins with officials and attendees reciting the pledge. Brown can be faintly heard mumbling the word “someday” in board meeting recordings.

Brown said she is not targeting Solano County, but the inequalities experienced by women and minorities across the country.

It’s an interesting approach and an absolutely fair one, especially since it’s a lie to say we actually have liberty and justice for all. We don’t. So while some people refuse to say the Pledge completely because of those words, Brown is making an adjustment to make the words make sense to her.

As you might guess, not everyone is taking this well.

“I think it’s wrong and I’m American all the way,” Fairfield resident Trent Patterson said. “And, I believe in old school and I want to stay with that.”

… Many agree there is still progress to be made, but think Brown’s “someday” only sends the wrong message.

If we’re going old school, then let’s go back to the original Pledge that didn’t have the words “Under God” at all. (Though that one used the Bellamy Salute… which we could probably do without.)

The Pledge has changed more than once over the years and there’s no reason it can’t change again. At least Brown’s change makes it more accurate.

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