This North Carolina Minister is Furious That American Girl Just Came Out With a Boy Doll February 16, 2017

This North Carolina Minister is Furious That American Girl Just Came Out With a Boy Doll

The American Girl company just announced it was releasing its first boy doll, Logan Everett.

And one North Carolina Christian minister can’t seem to handle it.


The Rev. Keith Ogden of Hill Street Baptist Church sent a message to more than 100 of his supporters and parishioners Wednesday titled, “KILLING THE MINDS OF MALE BABIES.”

“This is nothing more than a trick of the enemy to emasculate little boys and confuse their role to become men,” the minister said in the e-mailed statement he sent at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday after watching a segment about American Girl on “Good Morning America.”

“There are those in this world who want to alter God’s creation of the male and female,” he wrote. “The devil wants to kill, steal and destroy the minds of our children and grandchildren by perverting, distorting and twisting (the) truth of who God created them to be.”

Just to state the obvious, this is merely a boy doll. Logan’s not transgender. American Girl didn’t say something like “Only boys are supposed to play with him.” In other words, he’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Has the pastor been outraged for decades by Barbie’s “friend” Ken? What about G.I. Joe?

“Now you are going to have little boys playing with baby dolls and that’s not cool,” he said. “We need to get back to our old values and morals.”

Because if boys play with dolls, Jesus gets re-crucified.

Perhaps if Logan came with a gun, Bible, and red MAGA hat, it’d be okay…

Give it another day and I’m sure this pastor will find a way to blame Obama for the whole thing.

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