Suicide Bomber Likely Targeted Mothers, Children at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan; Death Toll Exceeds 72 February 16, 2017

Suicide Bomber Likely Targeted Mothers, Children at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan; Death Toll Exceeds 72

Obey the one true interpretation of Islam, or prepare to die a horrible death.

A suicide bomber attacked a crowded Sufi shrine in southern Pakistan on Thursday, killing at least 72 people and wounding dozens more in the deadliest of a wave of bombings across the South Asian nation this week.

Infants and children were not spared. In fact, they and their mothers seem to have been expressly sought out for killing and maiming.

A spokesman for medical charity Edhi said the attacker appeared to have targeted the women’s wing of the shrine, and around 30 children accompanying their mothers were dead.


Allah will be pleased with ISIS’ bold and decisive action on his behalf:

Islamic State, the Middle East-based militant group which has a small but increasingly prominent presence in Pakistan, claimed responsibility for the attack, the group’s affiliated news agency AMAQ reported.

150 people were wounded, and the death toll will surely rise.

Said one worshiper,

“We were there for the love of our saint, for the worship of Allah,” a wailing woman told the Dawn News television channel outside the shrine, her headscarf streaked in blood. “Who would hurt us when we were there for devotion?

To Wahhabis and other Islamists, Sufis and Ahmadis are infidels, no better than Christians or atheists. All such inferior beings may be attacked and killed like vermin.

This point bears repeating in every discussion about alleged Islamophobia: on the world stage, the biggest victims of Islamist terrorists are other Muslims. As of today, there are dozens more, and we can be certain that Allah’s self-appointed henchmen are far from done.

(Screenshot via Reuters)

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