Bryan Fischer to Gay GOPers: True Conservatives Oppose “Sexual Behavior That Leads to Anal Cancer” February 15, 2017

Bryan Fischer to Gay GOPers: True Conservatives Oppose “Sexual Behavior That Leads to Anal Cancer”

Between Matt Drudge, Peter Thiel, and (most recently) Chadwick Moore, there are a growing number of openly gay conservatives who promote a Republican Party that routinely pushes anti-gay legislation.

Why? Not for any logical reasons, that’s for damn sure.


If logic doesn’t sway them, though, maybe Bryan Fischer will. The American Family Association radio host — someone who has the ear of the GOP’s Christian base — says that being both conservative and homosexual is impossible.

[A gay man], for instance, might be able to articulate a conservative view on national defense, or Second Amendment rights, or school choice, or repealing and replacing ObamaCare. But he cannot be a conservative.

Why? Because at the center of conservatism is a non-negotiable view of human sexuality and the family. At the heart of a conservative view of the world lies the family. Not the individual, mind you, but the family. At the heart and soul of conservatism is the notion that marriage consists of one man and one woman and a family consists of a married father and mother and the children they conceive together through their love for each other.

Thus, there is no room in conservatism for the embrace of a lifestyle in which it is impossible for children to be conceived and brought into the world. There is no room in conservatism for the acceptance of sexual behavior which deviates so radically and dangerously from God’s design for intimacy. There is no room in conservatism for the embrace of a lifestyle which as a matter of course compromises human health through sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. To put it bluntly, sexual behavior that leads to anal cancer may represent a libertarian value but it cannot possibly represent a conservative one.

If homosexuality is allowed an affirmed place in the conservative movement, it may seem harmless at first. But eventually, tolerated rather than excised, its cancerous cells will begin to quietly and yet inexorably multiply and metastasize until it has fatally weakened its host.

Isn’t it adorable to hear a Creationist try to talk science…?

For what it’s worth, if conservatism requires the belief that “marriage consists of one man and one woman,” then Donald Trump fails that test easily. Not that Fischer spends any time trashing him. I wonder why.

But the point is that the Religious Right, the backbone of the modern Republican Party, wants nothing to do with gay people. They don’t support LGBT rights, and that’s not going to change no matter how much lip service Trump gives to the idea.

The gay men who want you to vote Republican should listen to the people who have influence within the party before asking others to jump off the cliff with them.

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