Wilmington City Council (DE) May Bring Prayer Back to Meetings Since It “Helps Keep the Devil Out.” February 14, 2017

Wilmington City Council (DE) May Bring Prayer Back to Meetings Since It “Helps Keep the Devil Out.”

Last month, the Wilmington City Council in Delaware voted to replace the prayer that began their meetings — which included the phrase “Our heavenly Father” — with a moment of silence. It was a smart move since what they were doing was almost certainly illegal and could’ve been the subject of a lawsuit.


But their wisdom didn’t last very long. Council Member Samuel L. Guy says he wants to bring the prayer back — and for good reason:

Guy announced online that he plans to sponsor a resolution on Thursday to bring prayer back “because that helps keep the devil out.”

… Because council meetings without prayer are infiltrated by Satan? Are the doors not locked at these meetings? These people are delusional.

The actual resolution doesn’t mention the Devil, but it’s equally absurd:


Guy’s colleagues are no wiser:

[Robert] Williams said while he understands [Council President Hanifa] Shabazz’s intention for more inclusivity [with a moment of silence], he said prayer is a way of asking for an “open mind and an open heart.”

“It’s not indicative of any one religion,” he said. “We’re just asking that a higher power look down on council and allow us to make the proper decisions.”

Because when they say “Our heavenly Father,” it could mean anyone…?

The problem with their thinking is that they don’t seem to understand Greece v. Galloway, the Supreme Court case they’re citing in their defense. That decision said that citizens of any faith or no faith were allowed to deliver invocations that expressed their own beliefs. The city councils couldn’t censor one group or another if they wanted to have prayers.

It’s a very different situation — one that’s still illegal — for the council to pray to the Christian God at the beginning of all meetings.

This is a disaster waiting to happen. And why? Because some Christians can’t handle praying in silence. They only want to pray if everyone can see them.

Good thing there’s no Bible verse telling them not to do that.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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