Gordon Klingenschmitt Loses Race for Local GOP Leadership After Calling a Critic His “Rapist” February 14, 2017

Gordon Klingenschmitt Loses Race for Local GOP Leadership After Calling a Critic His “Rapist”

Gordon Klingenschmitt, the right-wing host of his own conservative Christian talk show, served a single term in the Colorado State House before being voted out during a Republican primary for the State Senate last summer.

There’s a reason even conservative thought he wasn’t qualified for the job. He couldn’t even restrain himself from saying something awful after a pregnant woman was attacked by a man who literally cut the fetus out of her body, saying days after the incident that it occurred because abortion is legal in this country.

But if you thought his primary defeat marked the end of his political career, you’d be wrong. He announced last month that he wanted to become the vice chair of the El Paso County GOP. It was a voluntary position but one with a bit of power to shape positions.

Guess what? Klingenschmitt lost again. The winner, Josh Hosler, received 55% of the votes while Klingenschmitt only got 30%.

What really makes this election worthwhile is what Klingenschmitt did before the vote took place.

He believed that Hosler was going to bring Capt. Norm Holcomb to the meeting where the vote would take place to speak out again him. Holcomb used to be Klingenschmitt’s commanding officer in the Navy and has frequently told the media that Klingenschmitt, despite his claims, was no victim of Christian persecution.

As far as we know, Holcomb didn’t actually show up over the weekend. But that didn’t stop Klingenschmitt from sending an email to his followers in which he referred to Holcomb as his “rapist.”

I am told that tomorrow 11 Feb at Coronado High School my opponent Josh Hosler has hired a former Naval Officer to come defame me publicly during speeches at the Republican meeting.

He may actually give the microphone to my rapist, a man who essentially raped my religious freedom 11 years ago, I believe, none other than Chaplain CAPT (ret.) Norm Holcomb…

why does Josh Hosler plan to stand with Holcomb against my religious freedom?

Klingenschmitt doesn’t understand the definition of “rape.” Which isn’t surprising, since his show constantly reminds us that he also doesn’t understand the definition of “facts.”

When you’re a disgrace to today’s GOP, you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

(via Right Wing Watch. Large portions of this article were published earlier)

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