Six Things I Learned from the Trailer for The Case for Christ February 13, 2017

Six Things I Learned from the Trailer for The Case for Christ

Pure Flix, the company that brought you God’s Not Dead and other examples of Christian propaganda, just released the trailer for their next film, The Case for Christ.

It’s based on the bestselling book by Lee Strobel in which the former journalist justifies the stories in the Bible by talking only to Christians whose careers involve spreading the stories of the Bible. Because all good journalists know there’s only one side to a story.

But the trailer did teach me a few things…

1) Mustaches never go out of style.


2) A journalist searching for Jesus is like a conspiracy theorist with a bedroom the police must never discover…


3) Debates about the historical Jesus take place in fancier locations than any debate I’ve ever seen.


4) Donald Trump‘s doctor apparently makes film cameos.



5) When it comes to Strobel’s notes on Jesus, he’s no David Fahrenthold.


6) If looking at the Shroud of Turin is supposed to make you think differently about Jesus, I have doubts about the “evidence” in this movie.


The movie comes out April 7. I can only assume everyone will convert by April 8.

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