Italian Priest May Get Defrocked For Defrocking Himself… At Orgies February 9, 2017

Italian Priest May Get Defrocked For Defrocking Himself… At Orgies

Italian Priest Father Andrea Contin may soon get defrocked by the Bishop of Padua for having repeatedly removed said frock at various orgies, nudist retreats, and even sex parties at his own church.

I assume handcuffs were involved, too.
I assume handcuffs were involved, too.

According to a report from UPI:

Police began an investigation of Father Andrea Contin, 48, after he was accused of having as many as 30 lovers, taking some of them to French nudist retreats and leading orgies at his small Padua church. A statement to police by one accuser said Contin “always carried a briefcase full of vibrators, sex toys, masks and bondage equipment,” beat her and encouraged her to have sex with a horse.

That must be one of the lesser known miracles of Jesus.

The Independent also reports that Father Contin “kept pornographic home videos in covers with the names of various popes.”

We probably don’t want to know what kind of video he labeled “Pope Formosus” — the Pope whose corpse was put on trial by the Pope who came after him. Because, at the very least, it probably involves some kind of ventriloquism.

He also, reportedly, had his many lovers sleep with men he found for them on adultery-themed dating sites.

Another priest, identified as only Father Cavazzano, admitted to partaking in some of the orgies with Father Contin. Both of them have, of course, also taken vows of celibacy and probably spent a good deal of time in their life telling people to be more holy.

Isn’t it weird how people who claim to be celibate and who have strong opinions on who should and shouldn’t be allowed to have sex turn out to be the biggest freaks? Not to kink-shame anyone (outside of the horse thing, because that horse cannot consent and therefore it is rape), but maybe he should have considered another line of work?

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