Indiana School District Promises Never Again To Distribute Anti-Gay Ministry’s Flyers to Students February 6, 2017

Indiana School District Promises Never Again To Distribute Anti-Gay Ministry’s Flyers to Students

A few months ago, teachers at Yankeetown Elementary School in Newburgh, Indiana gave female students in third and fourth grade this handout promoting a Christian ministry called “Pearls of Purity”:


The ministry is an anti-LGBT group that equates homosexuality with bestiality and incest, all the more reason to wonder why a public school would be handing out flyers urging students to check it out.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently sent a letter to the District warning them against doing something like this again — and the superintendent, to his credit, was quick to agree.

“I did review the flyer in question and understand the concern,” [superintendent Brad] Schneider recently responded. “This flyer should not have been approved and we will put steps in place to prevent objectionable flyers to slip through the cracks in the future. You have my word that flyers of this nature will not be distributed home in the future.”

FFRF is elated about the assurance.

“It is always delightful to see a school district taking swift action to protect its young students,” says FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “We can only wish that other school districts were so promptly and fully responsive.”

Look at that. No anger. No money involved. No lawsuits. Just a warning, followed by an apology. It would be better if this never happened in the first place, but after it did, this was the proper way to handle it.

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