Creationist Ken Ham Will Permanently Illuminate Ark Encounter in Rainbow Colors. Because God. February 3, 2017

Creationist Ken Ham Will Permanently Illuminate Ark Encounter in Rainbow Colors. Because God.

Back in December, Creationist Ken Ham used different colors to illuminate Ark Encounter at night… making it look like a rainbow.

You can see why that’d be awkward, given that it’s a symbol we now associate with the LGBT movement. Not that Ham cared. He had his reasons.


… the rainbow represents the “everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth” (Genesis 9:16).

The rainbow stands as a poignant reminder that God keeps His promises. Despite the wickedness in the world, God has not sent another global Flood to destroy all flesh.

Right. So the rainbow was a reminder from God that he hasn’t slaughtered us yet. Delightful.

People also pointed out it wasn’t a good rainbow. The colors repeated themselves and didn’t go in the right order. It was pretty much what you’d expect from someone who doesn’t understand how science works.

And now that odd rainbow will become a permanent fixture at the attraction (emphasis theirs):

we’ve decided to enhance the rainbow lights and make them a permanent feature during evenings at the Ark, located south of Cincinnati. We will be working over the coming months to ensure this change is permanent. It’s all part of “taking the rainbow back.

We’re trying to help Christians and unbelievers recognize the true meaning of the rainbow as it’s given to us in the Bible (Genesis 9).

There you have it. Let the Bizarro Creationist Rainbow forever remind you that the Christian God is synonymous with death, destruction, and genocide. He loves you, and that’s why he has to constantly threaten you.

It’s just another awful lesson kids will learn if they visit Ark Encounter.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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