Florida Pastor Flees Naked From Home of Mistress After Her Husband Comes After Him with Gun January 30, 2017

Florida Pastor Flees Naked From Home of Mistress After Her Husband Comes After Him with Gun

I know Christians believe God is always present in their homes, but I don’t think that extends to pastors being present in their bedrooms.

Maybe Reverend O. Jermaine Simmons, Sr. of Florida’s Jacob Chapel Baptist Church was just trying to send God’s love to one of his female parishioners when her husband caught the two of them in bed together.


It only happened because their son’s school tried calling his mom to pick him up. Since she was too busy having the seeds of Christ planted in her, the school called his dad, who picked up their son and went home.

Then things got really weird. The Christian Post reports:

[Husband Benjamin Stephens III] reportedly screamed “I’m gonna kill him,” and went to the couple’s bedroom to retrieve a small handgun.

On hearing the threat, the frightened pastor fled the couple’s home naked without waiting to see what would happen. The enraged husband attempted to chase after the pastor but his wife stepped in front of him and begged him not to kill her lover in front of their son.

She told police that her husband decided against shooting her because her son was present. She explained that she tried to gather the pastor’s clothes to return them to him but her husband took the clothes and said he would drop them off at the church.

How sweet of him.

Rev. Simmons is the author of the 2016 book I Need a Man, in which he ironically argued that husbands should always stand up for their wives:

… If loving the Church meant Jesus had to die for her, what does that suggest about husbands today? It means go answer the door. It means stand in front of the enemy and protect your bride.

He also says that as pastor of his church, he is accountable for everything that happens there:

My assignment as leader is to be accountable. And although I receive very little credit, you better believe I take all the blame.

Maybe that doesn’t apply outside the church.

To be clear, what these people do is entirely their own business. But when a pastor spends his time telling people how to live their lives in accordance with God, then acts in a way that goes against his own preaching, the hypocrisy ought to be recognized.

As of this writing, Simmons is still listed as staff on the church’s website. He even gave a sermon over the weekend, presumably about how to live a godly life.

(via The Freethinker. Screenshot via YouTube)

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