A Former Evangelical Says Donald Trump’s Administration is What Their Community Always Dreamed Of January 30, 2017

A Former Evangelical Says Donald Trump’s Administration is What Their Community Always Dreamed Of

Kieryn Darkwater grew up in a conservative evangelical family, where they were homeschooled and taught to eventually have as many kids as possible — the Quiverfull lifestyle — in order to outbreed non-Christians. Which is to say that this election has been a godsend for the type of people they grew up with.


Sure, Donald Trump may not be the ideal Christian leader, but Mike Pence is one of them. So are many of Trump’s Cabinet nominees. And Trump’s rhetoric speaks to those far-right Christians who long to go back to a time when LGBT people had no rights and women had no desire to speak up or work outside the home. When Trump says he wants to “Make America Great Again,” they’re the ones ignorant enough to believe that’s a great idea.

These are all comforting things for people who feel as though the world is against them because of their religion, rather than the fact that their views and actions are bigoted, racist and actively harmful to millions of other humans. You cannot be this version of evangelical and not force your beliefs on others. Failing to convert is a failure on you and your dedication to your faith. This religion is based entirely on fear; you can’t argue away a fear so intense that it hardens you to anyone unlike you or your tribe.

They will not be won over with sit-downs and respectability politics. This kind of dogma cannot be reasoned with; it must be fought against. Trying to convince them to come to the other side is a waste of time unless they’ve already started on that journey themselves. The ones in power, actively harming our lives, are past this point. We can only fight back.

All the more reason to support the protests that have occurred since Trump’s election. You can’t reason with people who are immune to logic. We have to delay the damage they can cause over the next couples of years, before voting Republicans out of power in 2018.

What Darkwater’s article makes clear is that there are plenty of Americans — the conservative Christians with no regard for the lives of other people — who are thrilled by everything that’s happening right now. I fear reading my Twitter feed in the morning and they’re waking up every day excited by the destruction and chaos of the current administration.

All the more reason to keep fighting. Don’t keep your thoughts bottled up. Share your distaste for what’s happening any way you can, through whatever platforms are available to you. You may not be able to change the minds of the unreachable, but you can energize the apathetic.

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