Mississippi Will Soon Be Home to a Summer Camp for Children of Atheist Parents January 25, 2017

Mississippi Will Soon Be Home to a Summer Camp for Children of Atheist Parents

This is neat: There’s a Camp Quest opening this summer in Mississippi, providing a camp for the children of atheists parents in a state where that sort of getaway will surely be a breath of fresh air.

Camp Quest Natchez Trace will open for business June 25 to July 1 just outside of Tupelo.


Camp Quest is geared towards building a community for kids and teens from atheist, agnostic, humanist and other freethinking families. However, Camp Quest is open to all kids and teens within the specified age range, and we work hard to create an environment in which all campers feel welcome. Our goal is to provide a place where campers can explore their developing worldviews and how to put their values into practice, ask questions, and make friends in an environment that is supportive of critical thinking and skepticism.

Registration is now open for campers. They’ll open the application process to potential staffers at the end of the month.

All the other details are right here.

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