Christian Talk Show Host and Former One-Term Legislator Wants Another Shot in Colorado Politics January 24, 2017

Christian Talk Show Host and Former One-Term Legislator Wants Another Shot in Colorado Politics

Gordon Klingenschmitt, the right-wing host of his own conservative Christian talk show, served a single term in the Colorado State House before being voted out during a Republican primary for the State Senate last summer.

There’s a reason even conservative thought he wasn’t qualified for the job. He couldn’t even restrain himself from saying something awful after a pregnant woman was attacked by a man who literally cut the fetus out of her body, saying days after the incident that it occurred because abortion is legal in this country.

And now he wants to run for a different kind of elected office. He told his fans on Saturday that he wants to become the vice chair of the El Paso County GOP.

Vice-Chair is a volunteer position, it will cost me countless hours to help our local party, but I’m not asking for donations, I’m only asking for your endorsement.

Would you reply to this email if you are willing to endorse me for county vice-chair?

As a recent State Representative in the Colorado legislature, I earned the #1 most conservative “A” voting record among Reps from our county on the Principles of Liberty scorecard. I was also named #2 most conservative Rep state-wide by Americans for Prosperity.

Now, this is a position I could get behind.

Klingenschmitt is so despicable, and his statements are so ludicrous, that tying him to local Republicans would inevitably sink their candidacies. He’d do a lot of damage — but this time, he’d only be hurting his own party instead of the entire state.

He’d finally be doing something useful. Make it happen, El Paso County.

(via Right Wing Watch. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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