Former Christian to Evangelicals Who Feared Obama: “Today Is the Day You Are Proven Wrong” January 20, 2017

Former Christian to Evangelicals Who Feared Obama: “Today Is the Day You Are Proven Wrong”

Bruce Horst, the former Christian who shed his faith after seeing evangelicals’ knee-jerk, spiteful, anti-WWJD reaction to the Affordable Care Act, has some more powerful words for churchgoers who voted for Donald Trump:

“Today is the day you are proven wrong.”


I sat by for the past 8 years listening to the easily-disprovable lies you bought into. President Obama was going to implement death panels, Sharia Law, FEMA concentration camps. He was going to take your guns and tax your bullets. He was planning to enact marshal law and raise our taxes through the roof. He allowed ebola into the country to keep Conservatives from voting and was going to allow 100 million Muslim refugees into the country. The list goes on and on.

Today is the day that you are proven to be gullible, and wrong. Wrong on every count.

Now you support a lying, cheating, womanizing man, Donald Trump. And these things have already been proven to be true. As far as I’m concerned, Donald Trump is now your Lord and Savior. You have sold your soul to support him. He is the face of Christianity.

In other words, you were wrong about Obama being evil. You continue to be wrong about Trump being a devout Christian. And if you can’t even get these simple things right, why the hell should anyone take you seriously about anything?

When Trump turns out to be a disaster for the country, just remember that he was the candidate backed by the Religious Right and the Republican Party.

His actions will forever be a reflection of their awful judgment.

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