Adult Film Star Kim Holland Apologizes After Shooting Scene Inside of Church Without Permission January 16, 2017

Adult Film Star Kim Holland Apologizes After Shooting Scene Inside of Church Without Permission

Of all the sacrilegious things atheists could do in a church, I tend to draw a line at anything that gets in the way of those who are peacefully worshiping.

You swallow a communion wafer despite not being Catholic? Doesn’t really bug me.

Shooting a porn scene near the confessional booth? Too far.

Adult film star Kim Holland
Adult film star Kim Holland

That’s apparently what happened in Holland, where viewers noticed that an adult scene (that may have been filmed in October) took place in St. Jozef’s church.

(Which churchgoers made the connection? God only knows.)

The church was forced to close after the X-rated scenes surfaced but will reopen after a special cleansing service, according to reports.

[Dutch porn star Kim Holland] said the director Peter Visser, an atheist, thought the church was a “very ordinary place” and underestimated the response from locals.

“He knows he should not have done it. We regret it very much,” she told Christian news website Church Militant.

It’s unclear if they’ll be punished for the scene, though if they are remorseful, at least the confessional booth is nearby…

The church’s leader, Father Jan van Noorwegen, said the filmmakers must have snuck in since he certainly didn’t sanction the scene. But he didn’t exactly phrase that well:

I do not know how they got in. The gate is only open a few hours a day.

That sound you hear is hundreds of readers simultaneously shouting the same thing.

(via The Christian Post)

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