Tennessee Legislator Files Bill to Put “In God We Trust” On All License Plates January 12, 2017

Tennessee Legislator Files Bill to Put “In God We Trust” On All License Plates

It was nearly a year ago that Tennessee legislators voted to make the Bible the official state book. It went against the advice of Attorney General Herbert Slatery, who called it unconstitutional, and was later vetoed — thankfully — by Governor Bill Haslam.

But that hasn’t stopped legislators from trying to use the government to promote Christianity in small, symbolic ways.


State Rep. Bill Sanderson just filed a bill yesterday that would require all standard license plates to include the phrase “In God We Trust.” If HB 26 passes, the law would take effect beginning July 1.

Sanderson said the legislation came following calls and petitions from constituents who had seen similar displays in other states.

“We thought it would be a move in the right direction,” he said.

That phrase is telling. The “right direction” suggests that Tennessee Republicans will continue to try and stick godly language anywhere they can, as if any of it will make people’s lives better.

Because Sanderson doesn’t specify that he’s referring to the Christian God, it would be hard to call this illegal. But Haslam would be wise to veto this, too. There are already specialty plates available for Christians who want to have the phrase on their cars. There’s no reason it needs to be forced upon anyone else.

Just imagine how Christians would react if a legislator tried to force the phrase “In God We Don’t Trust” on their cars.

It’s never enough for these Christians to have a personal faith. They have to push it on everyone else.

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