Mississippi Bill Would Force Schools to Pay $1,500 for Not Saying the Pledge Early in the Day January 11, 2017

Mississippi Bill Would Force Schools to Pay $1,500 for Not Saying the Pledge Early in the Day

Mississippi already has a law requiring public schools to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Students aren’t required to participate if they choose not to, of course, but the schools have been forced to pay lip service to the ritual since 2002.

But because the state has no other problems to solve, State Rep. William Shirley has put forth a bill, HB 205, that will fine a school $1,500 if they don’t say the Pledge within the first hour of the day.


Because God forbid students waste their time at the end of the school day…

To put it another way, Shirley would penalize schools if the administrators decided they wanted teachers to get right down to the business of educating kids.

It’s Mississippi. That sounds about right.

Another bill offered by State Rep. Oscar Denton, HB 201, would require schools to also have a “period of reflection” at the beginning of the day. It’s not even silent reflection.

In each public school classroom, the local school governing board shall designate a period of reflection at the opening of school upon every school day in which nonsectarian, nonproselytizing student-initiated prayer shall be allowed in silence or audible communication through which those desiring may voluntarily participate.

It’s a way to let students pray during class, in a state where religion is already everywhere. Students who don’t want to participate in the classroom prayers will no doubt be ostracized and pressured to join in. Which I’m sure Denton is well aware of.

It makes you wonder when any of these politicians will pass a bill requiring schools to stop wasting time and actually teach any of the subjects.

(via The Hechinger Report. Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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