Here’s What Jeff Sessions Must Answer About Church/State Separation During His Confirmation Hearing January 10, 2017

Here’s What Jeff Sessions Must Answer About Church/State Separation During His Confirmation Hearing

With Sen. Jeff Sessions set to begin his confirmation hearings to become our next Attorney General, there are a lot of things the public deserves to know. Most of the focus has been on his racist past, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation also has some questions related to church/state separation they’d like the Senate Judiciary Committee to ask him. Given that Sessions has already criticized a Supreme Court nominee for her alleged irreligiosity, the questions couldn’t be more timely.


Here’s just one of them:

You have long been a vocal proponent of what you call “religious liberty.” As you are aware, the United States is a pluralistic society, containing adherents of many different minority religions and more than 70 million citizens who practice no religion at all. Is it your belief that religious free exercise is limited to the freedom to believe and worship as one chooses? Or do you propose that free exercise also includes the freedom to act as one’s religion demands, even if such actions might curtail the civil rights of others, or run contrary to the law?

You can read the rest right here. These are not questions that apply only to atheists. They’re ones that any senator ought to be willing to ask because they get to the heart of whether Sessions is more interested in defending the Constitution or the Bible. He can do whatever he’d like to in his personal life, but as Attorney General, he has an obligation to protect the rights of everybody, not just Christians.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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