These Are Good Reasons to Leave the Mormon Church, Regardless of Theology January 9, 2017

These Are Good Reasons to Leave the Mormon Church, Regardless of Theology

Back in November, a pro-Mormon website published a list of reasons you’d want to join their Church even if you didn’t believe any of its theology. The items included things like “Mormon teens are more optimistic and less likely to commit suicide” and “Latter-day Saints are much more connected to their ancestors.”

So it’s entertaining as hell to read this response — written by a believer, I should add — of all the reasons you might want to leave the Mormon Church even if you believe in its stories.


12) Where does the Money Go?

The LDS Church requires members to pay 10% of their incomes and contribute a fast offering once a month. There is, however, no public record of what the church uses that money for.

13) Building Cleaning

One place the church does not use its money for is janitors. Members are required to “volunteer” to clean the church on assigned days. It’s never fun, because most families skip out, leaving the faithful to do an unfair portion of the work.

While the writer is half-joking, it’s important for those inside the Mormon Church to criticize some of their worst practices. It’s easy to dismiss that criticism when it comes from the outside. If there’s any hope of change, it’ll happen because from pressure from within.

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