Creationist Ken Ham: Climate Change Isn’t Scary (Unless You Believe the Earth is Really Old) January 3, 2017

Creationist Ken Ham: Climate Change Isn’t Scary (Unless You Believe the Earth is Really Old)

Creationist Ken Ham, who thinks he knows more about science than virtually every credible expert in the world, went on a rant against climate change this morning, saying (falsely) that there’s no crisis at hand.






Maybe he’s trying to get a position in Donald Trump‘s Cabinet…

At least Ham admits that climate change would be alarming to those of us who accept the evidence that the earth is billions (not millions) of years old. But he falls into that old habit of accepting what a handful of scientists believe — even when their conclusions are fully rejected by the overwhelming number of other scientists.

There must be some sort of Ken Ham threshold where you can only accept what experts say… if they’re outnumbered by everyone else in their field. The lower the percentage in the dissenting group, the more likely you are to believe it. It’s the same rule that Ham applies to evolution.

In any case, here’s an excellent infographic from XKCD that shows just how scary the climate crisis really is:

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